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V/S/E Joseph Olorunnisola, Head of the USA Diocese has reaffirmed the Diocese’s commitment to organize a spiritually enriching Convention that will serve as a symbol of God and promote the values of Celestial Church of Christ. In an exclusive interview V/S/E Olorunnisola shed light on the preparations for the upcoming 2024 Convention, aptly named RESTORATION 2024.V/S/E Olorunnisola emphasized the significance of the previous Convention which successfully upheld the standards of God’s obedience. He assured that meticulous plans have been devised to ensure that the 2024 Convention adheres to God’s requirements. He revealed that God has specifically promised to restore lost glory during the four-day Convention, which is scheduled to take place from May 16th to May 19th, 2024 at Indianapolis Marriott East Hotel, located at 7202 E 21st Street, Indianapolis, IN 46219.

Furthermore, V/S/E Olorunnisola acknowledged that the Convention stand as a congress which serves as a gathering for the people, creating an atmosphere akin to that of a parliament. It is during this event that the progress of the USA Diocese will be discussed and all drafted laws will be reviewed and debated before being implemented into the USA Diocese bylaws. The Convention will provides an opportunity for individuals from all corners of the globe to come together and partake in the decision-making process, seeking heavenly blessings.

The Head of the diocese has promised an electrifying revival during the four-day event, accompanied by seminars led by seasoned theologians. The Youth will have the opportunity to engage in sessions aimed at educating, enlightening and fostering connections with the Elders, as they collectively chart the future of Celestial Church of Christ in the USA. Additionally, a Prophetic declaration will be included in the four-day gathering of God’s people.The presence of Pastor Rev Emmanuel Mobiyina Friday Oshoffa and his lieutenants  will bring about a significant transformation. The Pastor himself will personally attend all four days of the Convention, ensuring that the responsibilities assigned to the regional heads are thoroughly reviewed by the gathering of Celestial Parliamentarians.

Furthermore, the Head of the Diocese has emphasized the preparedness of the Central Choir to deliver captivating performances during the Convention. He has also encouraged members to bring their families along, as the event promises to be an interactive holiday with open minds.

To attend this remarkable convention, interested individuals must register and pay a fee of $150 per person through the official website